10 Tips for Traveling Abroad Safely

There is nothing more exciting like touring the world. Visiting different places you get a chance to witness the different cultures and lifestyles that make the world unique. However, many people fear traveling abroad due to the danger involved. While this may be the case, there are some measures you can take and ensure your next trip is safe.


Get a travel insurance

This step should be the first before you book your flight to any destination. Travel coverage safeguards you against luggage loss, canceled flights, illness or other emergencies. This insurance covers your entire stay, thus giving you peace of mind.


Be smart and confident


While you are in the foreign land, you should be wise and confident. When touring around, walk like someone who knows where they are going and avoid distractions. It is a common knowledge that you are unlikely to be a target of pickpockets if you act like someone who knows the area.


Avoid show off


Show off can land you into trouble. For example, wearing expensive jeweller and watches while touring around makes you an easy target for criminals. It is advisable to leave you jewelers, cameras, and laptop in your hotel room.


Have enough money


Having enough money while you are in a foreign country gives you peace of mind. Make sure you have some emergency cash at hand when you are touring around. Avoid using your credit card in public cyber due to rise in cases of cybercrime. Do not forget to notify your bank that you are traveling to avoid credit cancellation when you are abroad.


Have some safety apps


Some apps, for example, the Google map may help you navigate the foreign land with ease. Other helpful apps include Bsafe and Drunk Mode. Most of them are free on the app store and can help you a lot.


Dress appropriately


Before you travel, research on the dressing code of the community you are about to visit. It will help you avoid being the odd one out. Blending in will help you not only avoid dressing considered inappropriate by some communities but also being a target for pickpockets.


Keep emergency numbers


Every country has its emergency numbers that you can call when you need help. Therefore, memorize the emergency numbers of your host country so that you can get help when you are stuck. Prepare medications or prepare things that can help alleviate common sicknesses. For example, bring peppermint tea for cough.

Know your country embassy information


Your country’s embassy can help you in case an unexpected situation occurs. Therefore, you should know where they are located and their numbers so that you contact them in the hour of need.


Scan and photocopy your valuable documents


You should keep copies of your traveling papers, id, passport and credit cards. Scan all useful documents and store them safely in the cloud so that you can get new ones easily in case of a loss.


Be health-cautious while abroad


Tourists are prone to diseases found in their host countries. It is therefore advisable to stay healthy. For example, use clean water, wash your hands before eating and make sure you use gloves when you visit public toilets.